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2013 January Newsletter

San Jose Neighborhood Association Newletter
Meeting: February 7th, 2013 San Jose Parish, classroom or office

5:15 – 5:40 – APD and Solid Waste

Call to order at 5:45
5:45 – Minutes – for Nov and Dec
5:50 – Treasurers Report –Bank report

Old business –
5:55 – Report on Holiday Picture project – suggestions
6:00 – Donations – Mittens, Hats,

New Business –
6:05 – Report on Web Development & Facebook Page
When, Advertising, Requirements to participate, Other
6:30 – Air Quality – Honstein Oil Company
6:40 – who to invite for next pre-meeting

NEXT Meeting: April – final planning for YARD SALE at
East San Jose Elementary School (more info to follow)

CALENDAR OF MEETINGS – Meetings or Events of interest to San Jose:

City Planning –
City Council – Jan 05, 2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
City Council – Jan 23, 2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
County Commission – Jan 22, 2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
Mayor’s NA Presidents Forum – Jan 26, 2013, 8:00 – noon – Convention
Mountain View NA –
Kirkland NA –
South Broadway NA –
Barelas NA – 2013, 6:00 – 813 Pacific SW

San Jose NA – Feb 7th, 5:15 – San Jose Parish

County Planning – Feb 2013, 9:00
County Commission – Feb 2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
City Council – Feb 4 & 20, 2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
Barelas NA – Feb 2013, 5:00 – 813 Pacific SW

County Commission – not yet posted
County Planning – not yet posted
City Council – Mar 4,2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers
City Council – Mar 18,2013, 5:00 – Council Chambers

For City Council Agendas
For County Commission Agendas

Current Projects / Events –

Community yard sale
What advertising?
Membership required?
Must post sign in yard


Annual Meeting

Holiday Lights Photo – December
Post to Web site

Our Website

Status REPORTS additional pages upon request or
on website at

County Commission Feb 22 – TW
Mayors Neighborhood Presidents’Forum
Status on bucket brigade
Status on Sunport Extension
Status on Vecenergy

January 22, 2013 – County Commission
– Annette was contacted by Dan Breeman and Marcos Martinez to meet with them on Feb to discuss Agenda item TL
– Basically a tax break to allow Wise to be competitive in the recycling market with others in Bern Co who already have tax incentives

Annette spoke on behalf of TL Wise as a neighbor and they were granted the incentive

January 26 – Mayor’s Neighborhood Presidents’ Forum, attended by Annette and Deanna at the Convention Center

The Mayor and representatives from city departments were there. The neighborhood representatives were divided into 3 groups and assigned to rooms. Each room had an hour with:
1) The Mayor,
2) representatives from Fire, Cultural Services, Municipal Development, Environmental Health, Planning, Legal/Safe City Strike Force,
3) APD, Animal Welfare, Parks & Recreation, Senior Affairs, Solid Waste, Transit, Water Utility.

The NA representatives were asked to ask questions.
Topics discussed included:
Waste water issues for a growing city
Economic Dev for the SW quadrant
Bus Rapid Transit plans
Bike paths and roundabouts
Sunport extension (Deanna)
Crime & Drugs
Bike Recycling
Pollution around the State Fair Grounds
Variance issues
Drug testing for SPICE
Thank your for Gun Back program (DB)
Feral cats and lose dogs (Annette)

There may be something posted on the City of Albuquerque Website some time.

Report: Bucket Brigade
What: collecting air samples to submit to _______________
Why: to document the air quality in San Jose and surrounding areas for health reports
Who: Olivia Greathouse or

When: any time you smell or see air that is bad

How: report form

From The Alibi, Mar 29-Apr 4, 2012
By Margaret Wright
Florida-based Vecenergy, is seeking permission to emit more air pollution.
Vecenergy has asked the city’s Air Quality Division to modify a permit so it can handle more business as well as increase the amount of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants released into the atmosphere. Hazardous air pollutants include chemicals known to cause cancer or other serious health problems, such as reproductive or birth defects.
In a meeting with community members on Wednesday, March 21, Vecenergy representative Rich Vogel was adamant that his company does business differently than Chevron.
He said Vecenergy is a family-owned operation small enough to respond quickly if problems arise. Terminal Operator Robert Stenzel described mechanisms built into the operations that trap and recover dangerous vapors, and he talked about upgrades the company is planning for existing storage tanks and fuel lines.
They also insisted that oversight agencies—including city officials deputized by the Environmental Protection Agency—along with in-house policies prevent the sort of practices that endangered the South Valley’s environmental health in the past.
Neighbors in attendance said increases written into the proposed permit seem excessive for an area with such a high concentration of industry. They also expressed concern about the company’s projected growth, which will mean more rail cars and trucks in and out of the facility.
Air Quality Division officials said that the city no longer requires air quality studies related to heavier traffic on an existing property. They won’t analyze the air around the Vecenergy terminal, said Environmental Engineering Manager Isreal Tavarez. Instead, the federal government instructs city inspectors to make sure equipment is operating correctly and companies are using up-to-date technology. There are three city inspectors to monitor 900 sources of air pollution citywide, Tavarez said.
The San Jose Neighborhood Association plans to request a public hearing on the permit changes.
The permit Vecenergy requested would allow the terminal to:
handle nearly 33.3 million gallons of additional fuel each year
• release up to 25 tons of hazardous air pollutants each year
• move 91,500 more gallons of fuel between tanks and transport vessels each hour
• emit .083 pounds of VOCs for every thousand gallons of fuel, which is more than double what it can emit today
• add 12 storage tanks, five of which would be underground
• add offload stations for railcars and trucks
Reports: SUNPORT Blvd Extension
Environmental Assessment Findings Report

The Bernalillo County Public Works Division will be constructing a new extension of Sunport Boulevard west from the I-25 Exit 221 interchange to Broadway Blvd. The new road will be a four lane divided highway that will provide access to local roads such as Edmunds Road and a new re-designed Broadway Blvd intersection.

During the study phase the following documents/reports have been prepared and are available for review:
• Environmental Assessment (September 2011),
• Phase I – Initial Site Assessment (June 2010),
• Alignment Study (November 2010),
• Preliminary Drainage Study (February 2011),
• Biological Survey Report (June 2010),
• Cultural Resources Survey (August 2010),
• Transit Connection Study (February 2011), and
• Preliminary Construction Plans (30% review with comments) (January 2011)
These documents/reports were prepared by URS Corporation are available for review at the Bernalillo County Public Works Division, 2400 Broadway SE.
The Environmental Assessment Report was finished in June 2011. Design to be completed in spring 2013 and construction should start in late 2014.

The Environmental Assessment of the project has been approved by FHWA and we are now working on having a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) be given to the project so that an RFP can be issued for final design of the project.

General Project Information:
Design Consultant | URS Corp.

Project Contact Information:
Rodrigo L. Eichwald, P.E.
(505) 848-1574

Project Site Map

Environmental Assessment Findings Report
Updated 06/30/2012

Reports: Rail Yard Development
The overarching goal of this Master Plan will be to find new, sustainable uses for the Rail Yards site that preserve its historic architecture and complement surrounding neighborhoods. Because of the funding sources the City used to purchase the site, the redevelopment of the Rail Yards must include a minimum of 30 units of Workforce Housing, as defined by City Ordinance, and a WHEELS Museum. Other uses will be determined through the Master Plan process. The following seven principles, which formed the basis of the Master Plan Agreement between the City and Samitaur, will guide the development of the Master Plan:
• Job Generation. The Project Area was once an economic pillar for the community and must become one again.
• Housing. Housing availability is an important element of the Master Plan. The Master Plan will provide for the targeted housing (minimum 30 units of Workforce Housing).
• Community. The Master Plan for the Project Area will reflect efforts to be sensitive to and interface with the surrounding neighborhoods, includinBarelas, South Broadway and San Jose., etc
• Architecture and Historic Preservation. The Master Plan must both preserve and capitalize on the historic value of the architectural and engineering resources at the site. The City and Samitaur share the belief that the site has local, national, and international cultural and historic significance.
• Art and Culture. The Master Plan will include opportunities for both art and culture, including, but not limited to the WHEELS Museum. Access to public open spaces within the Project Area will be provided.
• Economic Development. The Master Plan will be designed to achieve economic and business success for the Project Area.
• Economic Viability. These Guiding Principles are subject to the overarching need for the Master Plan to create a Project Area that is an economically viable endeavor individually and collectively for the City, Samitaur, WHEELS Museum, Workforce Housing, tenant/users, the public and surrounding communities without creating a need for indefinite direct and/or indirect City or Samitaur funding.



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